Emergency Rescue Technology
Instructions for use

General Information

You will find the healing video called “Emergency Rescue for Healing and Cognition (Moonlight Sonata) Session_369” on the Telegram app channel “Emergency Rescue Technology”: https://t.me/svetllifetech.

Session, previously known as “Healing Session 3 (Moonlight Sonata)” is now called “Emergency Rescue Technology 369”.

“Emergency Rescue Technology 369” has been developed specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This video is meant to be watched when away from home or when facing some sort of extreme situation, in order to improve well-being and for a general restoration of body/mind balance. It is available for download free of charge for anyone who wishes to use it, and is especially recommended for people over the age of 55.

The strength of the Session is designed for people with average sensitivity to its effects. People with a heightened sensitivity may experience a stronger effect, while those with lowered sensitivity will experience less effect, or none at all.

When To Use

Under normal circumstances, in a calm environment, for maintenance of well-being, it is recommended to watch the video no more than twice a day – in the morning, and in the evening before going to sleep.

Keep in mind, this video can always be watched additionally in case of experiencing sharp or intense pain, or any other serious physical or emotional discomfort.

In extreme circumstances, the video is a useful tool toward the restoration of a normal state of balance. It is a source of immediate aid in critical moments.

Please note, if you experience a headache or nausea while watching the video, we recommend that you relax and keep watching until the end.

“Emergency Rescue Technology 369” should be used as a stand-alone Healing Session before going to sleep. This Session was also created to be used in any emergency to alleviate extreme pain, light-headedness, nausea, emotional stress and overwhelm sudden pain in the heart or pancreas, fainting, psychological distress, sleep disorders, anxiety, or panic attacks. Watching the “Session_369” will significantly improve your sleep and the functioning of your circulatory system, and relieve stress and pain, when and if they occur. Feelings of sleepiness after watching are a positive sign, as they reflect the calming influence of the video session.

“Emergency Rescue Technology 369” is appropriate for both adults and children. Children under the age of 10 should watch on their mother’s mobile device; while those over the age of 10 should watch on their own device.

“Emergency Rescue Technology 369” should be watched by pregnant women, but no more than once every 2 days.

“Emergency Rescue Technology 369” has a healing and strengthening effect on the entire human organism.

Instructions for Installation and Use

“Session_369” is created specifically for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

You must download the “Emergency Rescue Technology 369” video to your device! Streaming it on the Telegram app will have no effect!

Please be aware that other methods such as copying the file from one device to another, transferring it through email or cloud-based services, or any other means of copying or transfer will immediately DESTROY the healing abilities of the video Session.

Again, the video Session should only be downloaded from the Telegram app, through the following link: https://t.me/svetllifetech

If you wish to share the video with someone, you must share the link with them, so that they can download the video from the Telegram app themselves.

During the initial watching of the “Emergency Rescue Technology 369” video, a connection is made between the “SvetL” Generator (via the mobile device) and the brain of the person watching. For this reason, it is very important that the first person to play the video “Session_369” on the device is the person who is going to use it.

If you wish to assist a family member or friend (for example an elderly person who is unfamiliar with operating mobile devices), install the Telegram app on their device, and download the video “Session_369”. Then, hand the device to them, and describe to them how to play the video. It is VITAL that the person who will be using the video is the first person to play and watch it on their device, and that the device be IN THEIR HANDS while it plays.

If you did something wrong, or if you have any doubts, delete the download, restart the device, download it again, and make sure that the person who will use the video is the first one to play it, while holding it in their hands. Other people can watch the video over their shoulder, but because a connection to that person has not been established specifically, the only result it will have on them will be a calming effect.

If you have any doubts, delete the Telegram app, and start over. Download the app, and then the video “Session_369”. It isn’t important if there’s a cache or any other remnant on the device. It’s not a question of folders or storage. Do NOT confuse the “SvetL” Generator and its functioning with your own understanding of computers and their programs.

Additional Information

Ultimately, the only way for many people to know whether the Video “Session_369” is functioning properly on their device is by their own personal reaction to watching it. Of course, not everyone’s reaction is alike, and sometimes the effects take place without awareness, or over a period of time.

It may turn out that after repeated experimentation, the “Session_369” will not work on a particular device, no matter how many times it is deleted and reinstalled, or how carefully the instructions are followed.

This particular version of the “Session_369”, created specifically for mobile devices, has no restrictions on the number of times it can be watched. Assuming the video is downloaded successfully, and the instructions are followed, its healing effects will remain for the life of the device. It can be watched as many times as the operator of the device finds necessary.

Other Healing Sessions

You may already be familiar with the 3 healing videos that can be found on the following sites:

While the “Emergency Rescue Technology 369” is intended for immediate relief of acute pain or discomfort, meant to be used when away from home or in extreme situations, the 3 original healing video Sessions are meant to heal the body and treat chronic or underlying conditions over a period of time. They are intended to be the primary videos for healing, while the “Emergency Rescue Technology 369” Session is for the emergency treatment of symptoms. Please be sure to follow the instructions exactly when downloading and using those 3 original healing videos, as they differ from the instructions in this document.


It is strongly recommended to follow the instructions in this document for watching the “Emergency Rescue Technology 369” video Session.

We are available to receive feedback from users so that we can continue to perfect the technology and continue to make it available to people in these complicated times.

With respect and with our best wishes for everyone to recover a state of body/mind balance.


Emergency Rescue Technology